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Hokkaido Hotel   ( without Sapporo )
Asahikawa Grand Hotel Asahikawa 

1 universal twin 36m 36,960 yen
Asarigawa Onsen Kourakuen   Otaru 
2 barrier free rooms with beds and open air bath.
room without private bath is cheap. good English info.  
Shiretoko Prince Hotel

located world natural heritage " Shiretoko ".
handicap twin
room.  easy booking it on web.  
wheelchair friendly hot springs. good English info.
Green pia Onuma   Hakodate 
sports center in nature with hot springs and pool.
2 barrier free rooms. reasonable price. no English info.
Kyukamura Shikotsuko   lake Shikotsu 
operated by National Park Resort Villages of Japan.
full accessible. toilet and western room available.
Pure Field Kazeyoubi  Mashuko 
very famous wheelchair accessible guest house.
great nature in Hokkaido. 
Hotel Niseko Ikoi-No Mura  Niseko 
2 barrier free rooms with accessible private bathroom.
step on door of public hot springs.
Hotel Shiretoko  Shiretoko 
no special room, but quite large western room. 
3 public large toilets and one step to public hot spring. 
Hotel WBF Grande Asahikawa  Asahikawa 
1 barrier free room. 35sq. new hotel with spa.
Toyoko Inn Hakodate Daimon  Hakodate 
1 accessible room. booking by telephone or fax. 
Super Hotel Kushiro Ekimae  Kushiro 
no accessible room, but public hot spring.
Toyoko Inn Kushiro Jujigai  Kushiro  1 accessible room.  booking by telephone or fax. 
30,000 yen -
   20,000 yen - 30,000 yen
10,000 yen - 20,000 yen
05,000 yen - 10,000 yen
- 5,000 yen